Copywriter for B2B SaaS, E-commerce, Fitness, Natural Health, & Skilled Trades

Hello! My name’s Melanie. I’m a freelance copywriter who’s trained to help you achieve your top business goals. How? By helping you craft the words you use online.

What brings you here today?

If your time is stretched thin and you’re looking for effective, high-converting copy then – you’re in the right place. You’re in capable hands with a proven and professional writer.

If that’s enough to entice you, feel free to contact me now.

If you’d like to learn more about my background and exactly why I’m positioned to help specific markets grow, then please keep reading!

“Why should I hire you?”

That’s a great question, actually. The reality is:

  • There are tons of freelance writers out there these days (including AI)
  • You want the best bang for your buck (totally understandable)

You should hire me because I offer awesome value. I understand today’s playing field. I’m collaborative and clear-thinking. And I always strive to deliver exactly what you need to get results, on deadline.

How about this – I’ll tell you a bit about my general approach, training, and niches below. You can always click on my About page if you’d like to learn more.

If it seems like I’m a good fit for your project, I’m happy to chat about the possibility of working together.

Here we go!

Writing Chops

Clarify and Collaborate are my code words when it comes to working with clients.

In general, I strive to help growing companies clarify the connection between their customers and their brands.

How? By going deep into the worlds of both. And then delivering through copywriting and other marketing services in a collaborative process!

My Training

Direct Response Copywriting

As a trained direct-response copywriter – I’m here to help you get buttons clicked and credit card details entered.

I was trained in this fine art (with a dash of science) by the American Writers and Artists Institute, the industry-recognized leader in copywriter training.

My AWAI training includes email, landing pages, blogging, sales letters, and writing Google ad copy.

I’ve also studied conversion copywriting under Copy Hackers.

Content Marketing Writing

My content writing includes articles, blog posts, web copy, case studies, and email content.

Additionally, I also have an active content site that I write for in the holistic health and coaching space.

Finally, I’m a published author with several articles about sustainability that appeared in HopeDance magazine, and an ongoing B2B SaaS blog series, as of the summer of ’22.

Marketing Strategy

I’m in the process of completing CXL’s Digital Marketing mini-degree. That includes training in Google Analytics, Landing Page and Email optimization, Content Marketing Strategy, Account Based Marketing, Project Management, and so much more.

I’m also Hubspot-certified in SEO and Content Marketing strategy, and well-versed in affiliate marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

I’m proud to say that this year I earned the Klaviyo Product Certification and Hubspot’s Email Marketing Certification. And believe it or not, I actually enjoy setting up flows and campaigns in Klaviyo… (Though I love connecting brands with customers through powerful, persuasive copy even more!)

And I’ve come to respect the power of storytelling in copy. The human brain is, very simply, wired for stories. You’ve got to paint a picture, get the images of possibility flowing in your reader… and only then do you move into reasons, features, and handling objections.

“Okay, sounds good. How did you choose your niches?”

First of all, I love B2B SaaS because I’m passionate about the potential of technology to help create a better future for humans.

I enjoy pulling out the leading feature of a software solution to help ideal end-users appreciate the value of a SaaS product in a crowded marketplace. I also live for working with smart people in a visionary space!

Across e-commerce channels, it’s a pleasure to connect brands with the most eager and appreciative target customers. Then, if you’re in the skilled trades, such as plumbing, construction, and heating and air conditioning, I respect what you do. I also have a touch of experience working in your industry.

Natural Health, Fitness, and Personal Development

As far as natural health, fitness, and personal development… Well, these topics have deep roots in the story of my life…

The full story is coming soon. But for now I can tell you that after an emotionally difficult young adulthood, I found my way into the full spectrum of holistic modalities.

Over the years, I’ve delved into:

  • Qi Gong, acupuncture, and Chinese tonic herbs
  • Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Herbal infusions and superfoods
  • Cutting-edge supplements
  • Organic and GMO-free everything
  • Guidelines and recipes from the Weston Price Foundation
  • Fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum info
  • Diastasis recti recovery
  • Sound healing
  • Fasting, cleansing, and detoxing
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Fitness, from cardio to weight-lifting
  • High-performance methods
  • Coaching
  • Longevity studies

And nowadays, I have my own site devoted to deep wellness and success for visionary entrepreneurs.

Next Steps

You can find samples of my work on my portfolio page. To discuss your latest project, contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you!