Melanie D’Arcy – Direct Response Copywriter and Content Marketing Writer

Hello! My name is Melanie, and I’m a copywriter and content marketing writer for companies in the B2B SaaS, natural health, and personal development spaces.

Why these niches, you may ask?

First of all, I love B2B SaaS because I’m passionate about the potential of technology to help create a better future for humans.

I also enjoy the challenge of pulling out the best feature of a product to help ideal end-users really notice, understand, and cherish the value of a SaaS product in a crowded tech-solution marketplace.

And, as far as natural health and personal development… Well, these topics have deep roots in the story of my life….

You see, in addition to being a professional commercial writer, I’m also a motivational writer and coach for visionary entrepreneurs and founders.

So these dynamic people, as well as other coaches, are the audiences I know – and write for – the best.

Cloud-hosted software and wellness pursuits happen to be some of the top things this audience devotes their time to every day.

My Writing Chops

Direct Response Copywriting

As a trained direct-response copywriter – I’m here to help you get buttons clicked and credit card details entered.

I was trained in this fine art (with a dash of science) by AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), the industry-recognized leader in copywriter training.

My AWAI training includes email, landing pages, blogging, sales letters, and writing Google ad copy.

Content Marketing Writing

My content writing includes articles, blog posts, web copy, case studies, and email content. I’m Hubspot-certified when it comes to Email, SEO, and Content Marketing strategy.

I also have an active content site that I write for in the holistic health and coaching space.

Finally, I’m a published author with several articles about sustainability that appeared in HopeDance magazine.

Next Steps

You can find samples of my work on my portfolio page. to discuss your latest project, contact me here.