About Me

I’m Melanie. And I’m a copywriter.

I’m also an American, currently living in Europe.

How did I realize I was a good copywriter?

It started when I was writing Craigslist ads for my apartment in Brooklyn. Out of a sea of potentially unstable roommates, we always managed to find great people.

It wasn’t long before I decided to parlay that skill into selling other things online, including books, shampoo, Airbnb listings, and my own services as a coach.

In recent years, I’ve changed my focus to products and services in the holistic lifestyle, healthy aging, natural beauty, and entrepreneurship niches.

Why this cluster of niches, you may ask?

Well, it’s simply because most of my life story revolves around my interest in these topics…

To begin with, I grew up in the United States going to the gym, dieting, and reading health and beauty magazines.

After a challenging young-adulthood, I found my way into personal development, yoga, qigong, superfoods, supplements, nutritional herbs, longevity studies, and a rainbow of other holistic health approaches.

Finally, having cultivated glowing health and a grounded vision – I embarked on the journey of the freelancer-turned- entrepreneur.

And I’ve never looked back…

Nowadays, I’m a copywriter actively in training with AWAI.

I also bring nearly a decade of studying online marketing with mentors such as Marie Forleo, Eben Pagan, and Michael Hyatt.

Two core skills I use in my work are empathy and research.

The first, empathy, is the ability to get inside your customers’ heads and see through their eyes. This is something that simply comes naturally to me.

For the second skill, research, I use a process that gathers the exact words your customers are saying, so we can mirror their desires and answer any objections in the copy.

So, I always use both emotion and logic, to make sure all points of the prospect’s thinking (and feeling) process are covered.

This typically results in:

1) more engagement

2) more emotional investment

3) more authority (granted to your business)

And, not least:

4) more SALES.

My view is that sales and marketing, in its highest and cleanest form, is simply communicating clearly with your prospects.

It’s communicating the value of your company and your product.

And it’s EXCITING your potential customer with a picture of an improved life.

It’s also answering any objections your prospects have.

It’s giving them ethical and transparent terms and conditions so they can make an informed buying decision based on what’s right for them.

And as YOU provide all of this to the customer, with full transparency….

As you reliably answer all their questions…

Their TRUST in you grows.

They begin to like you and your product.

They begin to ENVISION a place in their life for your product.

And that inner vision is – the root of the sale.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, then I look forward to bringing this powerful and clear marketing approach to YOUR business.

Go ahead and message me now.

I can’t wait to chat and get going on your projects right away!