Hello! My name is Melanie, and I’m a copywriter and content marketer for companies in the B2B SaaS, e-commerce, alternative health and wellness, and coaching fields.

I’m here to help you make more sales with less effort.


I provide marketing services including direct response copywriting, content writing and strategy, site audits, video scripts, and UX Copywriting. My clients are typically B2B SaaS, e-commerce, natural health, and coaching brands.

I ethically intrigue and persuade your ideal customer, with the goals of boosting conversions, reaching bigger sales numbers, and maximizing ROI.

Work with me and get: a Quintuple Threat

  1. Sales writing chops (Direct response + content writing)
  2. Thought leadership (Strategy + Coaching)
  3. Tech skills (WordPress + Klaviyo)
  4. Niche specialization (B2B SaaS and e-commerce. Natural health, personal development, and coaching.)
  5. Easy to work with (collaborative, communicative, hits deadlines)

You’ll also have access to the unique background I leverage throughout my copywriting work. It includes:

  • Traveling and living all over the US and abroad
  • Life experiences that have taken me deep into human psychology and spiritual practices
  • Almost a decade socializing across all social strata of NYC
  • Over a decade spent studying with online marketing and copywriting gurus
  • A lifestyle steeped in alternative and natural health practices
  • A tech-geek sensibility for SaaS products/programmers in my family

The net result? Big Insight.

All of this factors into how I create business-changing results for my clients today.

My Core Values


Creativity is the engine for what I do. Nuff said. I can go wild with this when called for… But I always know when to go by the copywriting best practice clear over clever. Which is most of the darn time.


I bring a deeply collaborative approach to every project. Each project is a partnership between me and other creative and responsible players.


You can trust me to bring reliable, ethical, and on-time results for your business. I also aim for clear and transparent communication throughout the process.


You don’t have a business without a bottom line, no? Focus on numbers and ROI is what makes me a money-making pro, not a hobbyist. Let me do for your what I do for myself…


It’s all connected, man. Customer, product, brand, clients… all of our hopes and dreams. Deep listening and empathy is brought to everything I do.

My Vision

To create win-win situations for my clients, their partners, and my own business. And to be a world-class marketer who matches profound creativity with total clarity and integrity.

Sound like a match for your own mission and vision? Go ahead and schedule a strategy session with me!