B2B SaaS

You’ve need sales collateral prepared for your B2B SaaS brand and you need a writer that gets it. By “it”, I mean both the SaaS and B2B parts of the equation.

When it comes to B2B SaaS, I’m passionate about the potential of technology to help create a better future for humans.

I love to work with companies that put the human heart and human values at the center of what they do.

I enjoy pulling out the leading feature of a software solution to help ideal end-users appreciate the value of a SaaS product in a crowded marketplace. I also live for working with smart people in a visionary space!

See samples of my B2B SaaS Copywriting here:

A series of blog posts written for SaaS/ecommerce company Spotz:

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Contributing writer for a WordPress web development blog post:

10 Things to Do Before You Build a WordPress Website

** Please note there’s additional copy and content I’ve written for clients that’s under NDA or simply not yet published. I’ll update this section of my portfolio monthly as I’m able to add new pieces.