Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Why is it important?

Content Marketing Writing

My content writing includes articles, blog posts, web copy, case studies, and email content. I’m well-versed in affiliate marketing strategies.

As far as certifications, I’m Hubspot-certified when it comes to SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

Additionally, I also have an active content site that I write for in the holistic health and coaching space.

Finally, I’m a published author with several articles about sustainability that appeared in HopeDance magazine, and an ongoing B2B SaaS blog series, as of the summer of ’22.

Content Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

I’m proud to say that this year I earned the Klaviyo Product Certification and Hubspot’s Email Marketing Certification. And believe it or not, I actually enjoy setting up flows and campaigns in Klaviyo… (Though I love connecting brands with customers through writing even more!)