Email Copywriting

For internationally known Qi Gong teacher Lee Holden (as seen on American Public Television, The Shift Network, Mindvalley, Wellness Mama, NBC, and Glo):

Why “proprioception” is the key to unlocking better balance

How to keep your teeth in your mouth

Have you heard this story?

How I survived Christmas

My favorite holiday story

I had the craziest vision (no psychedelics)

Qi Challenge Emails – Internal List Activation – Summer 2023

Piercing the Veil Qi Gong Workshop Email Creatives

Yin Yang Qi Gong Workshop Email Creatives

Winter 2023 Qi Challenge Promo Email Creative

Fatigue Workshop Email Creatives

Spring 2023 Qi Challenge Promo Email Creative

Welcome email for a list featuring high performance tips:

Standalone welcome email for The Creative email list

B2B spec emails

Welcome/nurture drip email sequence for a B2B SaaS product

B2C spec emails

Affiliate swipe email for a women’s heart health supplement

Spec email selling a copywriting course

Spec restaurant review email

Social and Ad Copy

Qi Gong for Better Balance Facebook Ad Copy

Yin Yang Qi Gong Workshop Facebook Ad Copy

Winter 2023 Qi Challenge Facebook Ads (The first ad beat the existing control by 15%)

Qi Gong for Healthy Eyes Workshop (Holden Qi Gong’s best-selling workshop ever):

Powers of Power Workshop Facebook Ad:

A Google Ad for an SAT Prep Course

LinkedIn copy for carousel ad (also appeared on Facebook):

Sales Landing Pages

Qi Gong for Healthy Eyes Workshop – Sales Landing Page from February 2024

Qi Gong for Better Balance Workshop – Sales Landing Page from Fall 2023

Yin Yang Qi Gong Workshop Sales Landing Page from Spring 2023

Creative spec sales page riffing off a classic sales page – for another natural soap company

** Other sales pages I’ve been the principle researcher and copywriter for are available upon request

Full Sales Copywriting Campaign

A 5-part spec campaign for a fictional yoga-basketball product. Includes a blog post, google ad, landing page, email, and mini-sales page.

SEO/Website Copy

FAQ Page for Navaquest, a Sales and Marketing Training Company

About Page for the Madison Northside Business Association

About Page for a small natural products company

Green Sky Cabin Rental in Wisconsin’s Northwoods:

Home Page, Cabin Services Page

Mid-West Data Depot in South Bend, Indiana:

About, Services, FAQ Page

Locksmith Website for ACH Locksmith Madison in Madison, WI:

Residential Locksmith Service Page

Car Locksmith Service Page

Motorcycle Key Replacement Service Page

Home Page, FAQ Page, About Page

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions and Other E-commerce Copy for a Turkish Towel Brand

Natural soap product descriptions

Content Writing

Long-form B2B Saas Blog Posts


10 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins of 2023

Contributing writer for a web design agency:

10 Things to Do Before You Build a WordPress Website

What Is a Domain Name and Everything Else You Need to Know

1000-1200 word blog posts for sales and marketing training company Navaquest (2024):

Top 10 Features to Look for in Your Sales and Marketing Training

(more coming soon)

Series of SEO optimized blog posts for SaaS/ecommerce company Spotz (2022):

Using Facility Scheduling Software to Attract More Renters

Top 10 Features to Identify in Facility Booking Software

How to Create More Revenue Streams for Small Businesses in Your Community

A Mayor’s Guide to Supporting Small Businesses

Rentable vs Usable Space: What can I do with my extra spaces?

Recession-Proof Business Ideas to Generate Extra Income

Community Engagement Strategy 101: Everything a Mayor Needs to Know

Are You Prioritizing Community Equity and Access to Space?

Everybody Wins: The Community Guide to Facility Reservation Software

How to Improve the Quality of Life in Your Community

How to Create a Happy Community

What Is Community Mental Health & Who In Your City Can Help?

Health and Wellness Content

All content on taovibes.com has been written by me. The website will undergo a rebrand and new content focus soon, but in the meantime – it’s still a good place to get a sense of my health and wellness writing chops.

I also have experience writing for Traditional Chinese Medicine supplements.

** Please note there’s copy and content I’ve written for clients that’s under NDA or simply not yet published. I’ll update my portfolio monthly as I have new pieces available.



“Portland Takes On Peak Oil” – a journalistic article published in Hopedance Magazine earlier in my writing career

“Interview with Andy Langford, Director of Gaia University” for Hopedance Magazine

“Seattle: City of Pioneers In Transition” – an even earlier journalistic article published in Hopedance Magazine

Portfolio updated: February 15, 2024