Email Copywriter and List Manager for Wellness, Fitness, and Personal Development Brands

Hello, my name’s Melanie. I’m an email copywriter and list manager for wellness, fitness, and personal development brands.

(Nice to meet you!)

I can help you achieve your business goals by co-crafting the words and strategies you use online. AND by handling the demands of your Email Service Provider (ESP) on the back-end. (Especially if it’s Klaviyo!)

What brings you here today?

Time stretched thin and looking for effective, high-converting email promotions? Good news, you’re in the right place. You’re in capable hands with a proven and professional email copywriter and list manager.

I invite you to schedule a chat.

If you’d like to learn more about my background and exactly why I’m positioned to help your wellness, fitness, or personal development brand grow, then please keep reading!

“Why should I hire you?”

That’s a great question, actually.

And here’s the answer.

You should hire me because I can help you grow your business and make more money.


First, I write your emails. Be they daily blasts or automations set up to run while you sleep.

Second, I run the tech on the backend, including deliverability, automations, segmentation, etc.

I also:

  • Am easy to work with, collaborative, and reliable
  • Understand today’s playing field
  • Always strive to deliver exactly what you need to get results – on deadline
  • Am constantly developing my email marketing skills to bring more value to you and your brand!

Now I’ll tell you a bit about my general approach, training, and niches below. You can always click on my About page if you’d like to learn more about me personally.

Email Copywriting

As a working direct-response email copywriter – I’m here to help you get buttons clicked and credit card details entered.

After spending the past year writing emails for wellness clients, I’m on track to be certified by the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) as an email copywriter in February 2024.

AWAI is the industry-recognized leader in copywriter training. The email copywriting certification I’m completing involves me writing the following 10-email campaign:

  • A 5-day promotional campaign
  • A brief welcome sequence,
  • Follow-up “clicker” emails for those who click on a sales page but don’t buy.

My other AWAI training includes email, landing pages, blogging, sales letters, and writing Google ad copy. I’ve also studied conversion copywriting under Copy Hackers.

As a working copywriter, I’ve come to respect the power of storytelling. The human brain is, very simply, wired for stories. You’ve got to paint a picture, get the images of possibility flowing in your reader… and only then do you move into reasons, features, and handling objections.


And I’m proud to say that as of 2023 I’m a Klaviyo Partner who’s certified in both the Klaviyo Product itself and email deliverability.

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy setting up flows in Klaviyo… Especially because I know good segmentation and automation helps brands connect effectively with their customers.

Add powerful, persuasive copy and just a touch of design (I’m a minimalist there) and – you’re off to the races!

I’ve also earned Hubspot and CXL’s email marketing certifications, and run my own email list.

Need a reliable hand for help running your email marketing? You know where to turn.

Additional Digital Marketing Strategy

Need help with content or landing pages? Well, I don’t like to talk about it as much, but… I’m an old hand at that stuff too.

In early 2023 I completed CXL’s Digital Marketing mini-degree. That includes training in Google Analytics, Landing Page and Email optimization, Content Marketing Strategy, Account Based Marketing, Project Management, and so much more.

I’m also Hubspot-certified in SEO and Content Marketing strategy, and well-versed in affiliate marketing strategies.

My Background in Wellness, Fitness, and Personal Development

Now for the fun stuff! 🙂 As far as wellness, fitness, and personal development… Well, these topics have deep roots in the story of my life…

The full story is coming soon. But for now I can tell you that after an emotionally difficult young adulthood, I found my way into the full spectrum of holistic modalities.

Over the years, I’ve delved into:

  • Qi Gong, acupuncture, and Chinese tonic herbs
  • Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Herbal infusions and superfoods
  • Cutting-edge supplements
  • Organic and GMO-free everything
  • Guidelines and recipes from the Weston Price Foundation
  • Fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum info
  • Diastasis recti recovery
  • Sound healing

  • Meditation

  • Fasting, cleansing, and detoxing

  • Ecstatic dance
  • Christian prayer
  • Coaching
  • Longevity studies

On top of all that soft “hippie stuff,” I grew up going to gym. From age 8 I was cycling, doing the stair machine, step aerobics and reading Shape and Fitness magazines.

Fast forward to today, I’m passionate about strength-training, and I’m slowly working my way through a high performance coaching program based on stoic philosophy.

I even have my own email list devoted to gentle fitness high-performance for creative entrepreneurs.

Next Steps

You can find samples of my work on my portfolio page. To discuss your latest project, contact me here.

I look forward to working with you!